Wandering to Tea


Raw silk cotton half-dark,

white stucco, whitewashed brick embrace,

smells of incense and spice.

Music in the corners of your mind

Turkish lamps, draping the low ceiling

with gold-light lacework.

Chessboard crazy-mosaic tables in different shades of wood

Low cushions in soft bright colours

Corners that feel like home,

an arm about your shoulders.

A hundred different types of tea,

all flowing – flowing endlessly

Warm round pot on the sticky tabletop,

a hot comfortable cup in your hands.

Shelter, discovery, smoke-scented gentle love – all at once.

~ Marta Ziemelis. Written in Glasgow and Dubai, copyright August 2013.

I recently took a trip to Glasgow, Scotland, to visit a close friend. During the week I spent there I came to some realisations about myself, and made a number of discoveries. One of these discoveries – with which the seasoned and maybe also the new travellers among my readers will be familiar – was that if you are shown around or told about a newly-visited place by someone who lives there, you will stumble across wonderful spots you might not have discovered on your own. That’s how I found myself in the Glasgow tea-house Tchai-Ovna, which inspired this piece. If you are ever in Glasgow and fancy a good cup of tea, I suggest tracking it down.


One thought on “Wandering to Tea

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