Bus Shelter Blogiversary

“City Lullaby”

I’ll sing to you from across the street

a city lullaby of buses rumbling past,

voices phone-babbling away,

birds chirping ear-clampingly loud,

squirrels chattering crossly in the park

when they go unfed.

I’ll weave for you a city lullaby

of smells from a hundred rolling food trucks,

the sight of a crowded courteous sidewalk,

too many cars, yet there’s room to be, somehow.

I’ll hum for you a city lullaby,

corners bubbling over with art,

fights right under everyone’s nose,

long winter walks that numb your fingers stiff.

I’ll croon for you a city lullaby,

noisy friendly laughter, hands held out,

new exploring ‘round every corner,

roughness and dirt, clear sharp bright spring air,

life happening now and now and now…

Hush, my city, in sleeping-time,

together we’ll waltz to quick dream-tunes,

smile at each other when the music rests.

~ Marta Ziemelis. Written in Riga, Latvia, copyright June 2013.

You can thank a scratched green bus shelter for the title of this post, because that’s where I was two days ago when I had the idea for this piece. It’s dedicated to Toronto, which, I suppose, I think of as one of my homes, even though I haven’t lived there for a couple of years now.

Also, two days ago was this blog’s first birthday, so happy Blogiversary! Thank you to everyone for visiting and reading, it means a lot to me to have such a friendly and supportive audience. I’ll keep writing, and feel free to prod me whenever it’s been too long since my latest post! Feel welcome to share your work and ideas with me, I’m always excited to learn about different kinds of art. Love to you all!