Delicious Sensory Games


Look! Ginger and molasses, sweet-tart smells,

hang in the air

teasing, warm

a storm

a tender madness.

Taste! Rich between your fingers,

softcrisp dough

surrenders to a crumble.

Smell! Flecked with cinnamon gold,

brown sheets unroll,


Feel! Darksweet sweetsharp floods

flavours without name

dance upon your tongue

Listen! whispers wish a warm song,

ginger and molasses,


~ Marta Ziemelis. Written in Dubai, copyright February 2012.

For me, one of the most wonderful aspects of writing is that I am free to be playful, to twist and tweak words and ideas as I please. Sometimes – quite often, actually – I begin a piece with no idea how it will turn out, and as I go along I make little discoveries – different ways to look at the world. That’s what happened here. I began with gingerbread. My memories and experiences of this treat – both making and eating it – have always been intensely sensory and sensual. Thus it is no surprise that writing about them became a kind of game, which involved me combining sensory impressions in unusual ways. Trying to put a visceral sensual bombardment into words.  Perhaps it needs to be tasted, felt, smelled, in order to be fully understood.


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