“Come and Be Welcome”

“Come and be welcome, wherever you hail from/ Share all the secrets and joys of your art,/For every new voice that joins in the chorus/ will uplift the spirit and cheer the heart.” ~ Heather Dale, “Come and Be Welcome”

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Marta Antra Ziemelis, and I am currently twenty-four. As a citizen of the world, I’ve spent my life so far living in and traveling between Germany, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Dubai. Thanks to this, I am at ease around people from a multitude of cultural backgrounds. My propensity for multilingualism is certainly helpful in this regard – I am fluent in English, Latvian, French, Italian and German, with probably more knowledge of Spanish than I am aware of.

As a person with a scholarly and creative mind, I love immersing myself deeply in a wide range of subjects: medieval European culture; myth and folklore (Norse and Celtic are favourites); the arts, especially music, theatre, and cinema; etymology and interesting words; world history and the myriad ways in which it is shaped by cultural history; literature, with particular regard for historical fiction, travelogues, poetry, and fantasy; travel and every possible form of storytelling. Just ask anyone who knows me – as soon as I am passionate about a particular subject, I become a walking encyclopedia!

When I am not talking or reading (voraciously) about my favourite topics, I write about them. Mostly I focus on poetry, but I write short stories as well, and I have contributed to one or two theatrical scripts. Why do I write? Because I am driven to do so – by powerful impressions, by memories, by ideas and inspirations which appear in my mind and give me no peace until I write them. What are my strengths as a writer? Finding exactly the right word or combination of words to express a particular emotion or set a specific mood.  Creating vivid descriptions and moving situations. My weaknesses? A tendency to be too verbose. Underestimating the impact and relevance of my work. In any case, nothing would make me happier than the chance to earn a living through my creative writing skills – as a scriptwriter, or maybe in a way I can’t even imagine.

In any case, my fellow balladeers, storytellers, geeks and dreamers, anyone who wishes to visit here, welcome!


3 thoughts on ““Come and Be Welcome”

  1. Sherry Scoville says:

    Marta I look forward to exploring your blog. i remember the hours you spent reading in the library.

  2. Stuart says:

    Marta, I think your writing is exceptionally good!

    Stuart (Alex’s dad aka Lycus)

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